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About Us
My name is Ned Holmes, owner of Screed Master Products. I started in the concrete industry in 1996 after selling my heavy equipment repair business and going to work as an operator for a friend who had just bought a new S-240. I operated that screed for three years, logging 2500 hours and nine million square feet. I was responsible for job set-up, screeding, clean up, and transportation of the machine, as well as repairs and maintenance. During this time I became unhappy with the cost and quality of the augers I was receiving, so I started making my own. When the other screed owners in California heard about my augers, I formed Auger-Tech and began making augers full time. I was soon shipping augers all over the US and Canada. During my time operating the S-240 Screed and subsequently running Auger-Tech, I have invented other products for the laser screed industry. I have established Screed Master Products as my new company to represent these products. I build and carry only premium quality parts at great prices. With my extensive background in mechanics, hydraulics and screed operation, I hope I can be a great source to you,
the laser screed owner.
1-877-4 SCREED(727333) or 619 447-5200 Fax: 619 447-5900
1473 N. Magnolia Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020

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